The Lipostructure is a technique that allows you to increase the volume of certain body regions using as filler (filler) its fat.
The removal of fat is performed under local anesthesia with a thin cannula connected to a syringe that sucks fat still viable and ideal for transplantation.
After collection, the fat in the syringe is done sedimentaree then centrifuged to obtain only pure fat.
Is the injection syringes with very small, the 1 ml, connected to a thin cannula 1,5 ml, which allows better control of the small amount of fat that is deposited in the recipient area.

The fat is deposited at all levels in small tunnel in order to create a structural increase of the area to increase and facilitate the maximum engraftment.

In all areas of the face may require an increase in volume, and innnesto fat is the most natural way to get it.

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