The technique of Remailage or Lifting with Filo D'Oro is used as an alternative to a surgical facelift; and is a technique that has existed since the outpatient innovatica years 60, but that in Italy is performed by very few specialists, despite guarantees excellent results.
The goal is to prevent signs del'età not too obvious, quini that do not require the need to resort to a classic facelift and is a far less invasive treatment.
The facelift with gold thread, counteracts the relaxation of several zones, the sottomento, neck, decoltè, area under mammary, stomach, under arms, inner thigh, area under buttock, hands and the area of ​​the thigh above the knee.
The remaillage is to create, within the skin, a mesh; with a thin needle is inserted subcutaneously in a blade of pure gold to 99,9% Coupled to two wires that form a resorbable mesh woven, wide as a fishing net.
The body reacts locarmente stimulated fibroblasts to produce collagen fibrosis and subcutaneous.
The combination of these 3 wires guarantees excellent results, because the gold wire inserted rivatalizza greatly skin, thanks to regenerating gold pulissimo, while the wire resorbable creates a lifting effect and the mesh that is created in the subcutaneous, narrowing in a few weeks, creates an action of compaction of the skin, preventing future failures.
It can be performed as early as the 30 years for both men and women who want to combat the first signs of relaxation on the face.
The procedure is painless lasting about an hour.
It will present a slight swelling and bruising that will last a couple of days. Is performed under local anesthesia with small wheals spaced 15mm, at the points where it is introduced the thin wire 0.1 mm diameter but without the need for hospitalization.

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