Dottoressa Ughi.fwDr. Ughi, Born in February 1958, He graduated in Medicine and Surgery, specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with Prof. Azzolini reporting honors with a thesis on “Vascular malformations and Emoangiomi”. In these years, Dr. Ughi also collaborates in Spain, Barcelona with Prof. A. Tapia and Prof. G. Love. As well as in Dallas and Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) with surgeons internationally renowned Prof.. Frank M. Kramer, Prof.. Sam Hamra, Prof.. Fritz E. Barton jr., Prof.. John B. Tabbets, Prof.. A. Jay Burns and Prof.. Jack P. Gunter, continuing to cooperate actively with the prof. L. Krastinova, Prof.. G. Short of, Prof.. P. Chaix e con il prof J. Santini at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Hospital Pasteur of Nice as well as privately until summer 2008. Although placed on the agenda of the doctors of Nice to that of Milan, with the fall of 2008, Dr. Ughi chose to operate only in the latter to better meet the needs of the patient, both in terms of plastic that funzionale.Oltre exercise of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Dr. Ughi was Adjunct Professor, University of Milan, based in Mantova and the University of Nizza.Parla and writes perfect English, French and Spanish. Dr. Ughi has collaborated in several magazines of scientific medicine and not in Italy, France and the US.
Society: Member of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
(Clare LHO)
Dr. Francesca Ughi

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