Rhinoplasty Milan San Siro

Dr. Francesca Ughi believes that to make a proper Rhinoplasty Milan San Siro is essential to proceed to advance knowledge of the patient, of his desires and his fears. Only by knowing the person and its characteristics, and in fact can, subsequently, intervene on some parts of his body to improve the aesthetics. It is the care of the person in general, even before the improvement of a cosmetic defect, what more is at the heart of our practice. Do not believe us? Take immediately contact with our study and know the professionalism, the seriousness and reliability of a doctor's office without equal, able to provide every type of patient the best answer to every need! We also know the importance of the economic factor in operating a choice like this. For this reason, the always, we are meeting customer, guarantor dogli the best value for money. Do not let your health and your physical and psychological well take second place and please contact immediately to Dr. Ughi to make the intervention of your dreams. The Rhinoplasty Milan San Siro is a very complex operation that requires great surgical experience and an excellent manual. Consider that the entire project is realized only through the nostrils. That is why it is necessary, indeed indispensable, consult a surgeon with proven experience in the field. The seriousness and the ability of our study are shown from the large and loyal clientele of patients for many years choose to contact us, rather than to other. Interventions that we perform guarantee that there external scars; is in fact the surgeon to establish the structure of the bone-cartilage patient, respecting small spaces offered by the streets of entry. There are two types of rhinoplasty essentially open and closed. The goal of the Rhinoplasty Milan San Siro is to act on the structure of the nose to change the defects and recreate the appropriate proportions between the nose and other parts of the face. To achieve this, it is essential a careful assessment of the face and of the plans consist of front-eyes and mouth-chin. Even the sex of the patient and his particular personality factors are held in high regard by Dr. Ughi.

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