Lifting Face Sempione Fiera Milano

At the medical office of Dr. Francesca Ughi, thanks to its specialization in the branch of lifting face Milan Sempione fair with botulinum toxin, are used only certified materials, thus ensuring transparency and serenity to the patient who undergoes surgery. The onset of complications is always a transient event and completely reversible, Also their occurrence is very rare if the treatment is performed by an experienced physician. Put aside your fears and please contact us immediately! The lifting face Milan Sempione fair is made for the correction of various types of cosmetic defects of the face. The excessive and unsightly relaxation of the cheeks by now you can treat avoiding long incisions and scars- often aesthetically significant- and instead ensuring a smooth and perfect. This is made possible by the new micro-surgical facelift technique that guarantees every type of patient firming of this area of ​​the body; thanks to an innovative drill, indeed, excess skin gradually disappears, millimeter by millimeter, without leaving visible signs on the skin. This type of surgery can be safely performed on an outpatient, without the necessity of any type of anesthesia. The treatment is well tolerated and is not painful. Only an experienced doctor and sailed can guarantee excellent results at the branch lifting face Milan Sempione fair. Be wary of the advice of friends or other opinions inexperienced and for your intervention in the field of beauty and aesthetics trust the professionalism and experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery of Dr. Ughi! The treatment effects start to emerge after four or five days after surgery, with a progressive attenuation and smoothing out wrinkles of the upper face and a natural lifting effect of the forehead. The results are maintained for a period ranging from four to six months, after which it is possible to repeat the treatment by increasing the effects of therapy. Thanks to the sophisticated technique of face lifting Milan Sempione fair will get a double benefit: will not occur a healing process evident and, in consequence of this, tissue healing will occur more quickly and without leaving visible scars.

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