Abdominoplasty Milan Duomo

Aware that the cost of the project is an important factor in plastic surgery and that this makes it always very delicate and difficult choice to undergo surgery, that's why we are always careful to offer a 'Abdominoplasty Milan Duomo of the highest quality, but at competitive costs. Our experience is dedicated to those who want to feel better, thanks to a more youthful appearance, beautiful and natural. If this is what you are looking, then do not wait any longer and please contact immediately to Dr. Francesca Ughi to improve your appearance and with it, even your life! Plastic surgery is aimed at the improvement of those defects (or perceived as such) due to the natural passage of the years, weight changes, or present at birth, which often create a bearer who is also a psychological discomfort. This type of surgery offers many advantages! It allows the patient to get a complete remodeling of the abdomen, remove fat and excess skin and restore muscle tone to the abdominal wall. The excess skin and fat and relaxation of the abdominal muscles may be associated variably causing a disproportionate and unaesthetic appearance. To improve this aspect, becomes an essential intervention of aesthetic nature-surgical. The result of the surgery and the subsequent treatments is constantly monitored and used as a check to improve the quality of care. Our study has un'ormai a consolidated and established tradition in the landscape of Abdominoplasty Milan Duomo, with a wide range of services both curative and preventive. It is a surgical procedure indicated for the removal of excess skin and adipose tissues (fat) from the abdomen resulting in pregnancy, obesity or rapid weight loss and therefore can not be solved with a simple diet and sports activities. As a reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ughi can play interventions on those people who have physical abnormalities or congenital outcome of trauma; as cosmetic surgeon, instead, has set as its goal the intervention remodeling of normal body structures in order to improve the appearance of the person. If you are interested in an intervention Abdominoplasty Milan Duomo, please contact immediately to the study of Dr. Francesca Ughi, settled for years in the area of ​​Milan and the province for his expertise in the field of plastic surgery, both reconstructive and aesthetic.

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